Storm Protection

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is from June 1 through November 30.

Bayan Construction offers unparalleled storm protection, including Magnum Force shutters from Broward Hurricane! Enjoy the protection of the most complete line of shade and hurricane protection products in the industry! State of the art designs make these shutters an economical choice for top quality. Choose from regular construction to super heavy-duty!

Remember - all of our High Performance Shutter Systems are designed for security by keeping out the weather, protecting against intruders and providing privacy. So don’t delay - protect your investment today!

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Aluminum Panels

Removable Aluminum Panels offer maximum shutter protection at the lowest possible cost and are ideal for easy to access windows & doors. Panels are strong, yet lightweight and compactly store out of the way until needed. These re-useable panels can be installed without altering the aesthetic quality of a home. The panels are made extra easy to use by incorporating top and bottom tracks.

When not in use.

Just before you need them.

Plexiglass Panels

Don’t forget about your picture windows. They may not open, but they need protection as well. Clear plexiglass panels will maintain your gorgeous view and add peace of mind!

Accordions Shutters

If convenience is a must, many homeowners prefer the folding Accordion Shutters. These shutters are self storing (by easily sliding to the sides of the window in their top and bottom tracks) and offer keyed locks inside or out for added security. Since they are permanently mounted, many people use them several times a year for security.

When not in use.

Just before you need them.


The ultimate in convenience is found in the roll-up shutters! Easy interior access with no need to go outside in the nasty weather! With the flip of a switch, protection and security are easily obtained. These shutters can also be moved up and down by way of hand crank. The roll-up shutter is ideal for daily usage when it comes to sun control. Here, the roll-ups are protecting the porch!

Colonial Shutters

Add that extra aesthetic touch, with peace of mind that maximum protection is yours! The hinged colonial shutters give great hurricane protection while incorporating a truly decorative effect. These louvered shutters fold back to the sides and are permanently mounted. Aesthetic quality and convenience all in one.
*Custom Colors available!

Bahama Awnings

Capturing the carefree look of the islands, providing privacy, light control, and ventilation. The Bahama awnings are a stylish way to achieve maximum sun shading with a Caribbean feel. The louvered awning can give you that tropical feel without sacrificing hurricane protection. Telescopic arms allow you to adjust the visibility and degree of shading at one time. *Custom Colors available!

Slatted Awnings

Convenience, sun control, and hurricane protection are also found in the slatted awnings. These awnings are easily folded down for hurricanes. When they are in the open position, your view remains unobstructed. Old fashioned, but still functional today.


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